Male Yeast Infection or Genital Warts? (pictures and photos)

Yes, men can get yeast infections too! Male yeast infection (also called candida or candidiasis or male thrush) is one of the things guys can often mistake for genital warts. This is because the bumps can look similar to warts in the early stages before they develop into a full blown red rashy area that can drive you CRAZY with itching!

Here are some of the symptoms and how they develop:

– red rashes (usually itchy) start to appear on the penis head (glans) or the foreskin
– the tip of the penis can start to appear red or swollen
– your penis or foreskin can start to feel “tight”
– pain and maybe even discharges from the penis if you let it get too bad

Male yeast infection can spread to you and develop very quickly after having sex. It’s fast: sometimes it can take less than a couple hours after sex for you to start feeling the signs. And after a day or two you can develop definite red areas and bumps.

Once any of these things start to happen, DO NOT IGNORE IT. If you let this go on for too long, the itching will only get worse and worse to the point where you can’t even sit down and watch TV without the itching and burning driving you NUTS! If you leave it for even longer than that, it can develop into a case of phimosis, which will bring a LOT of pain and make it hard to urinate. It is very important to recognize this early on and start a treatment as soon as possible.

This is NOT something that’s going to go away on it’s own!

Luckily (and this was discovered totally by accident) the genital warts treatment method #1 in my report works surprisingly well against male yeast infection too. So if any of the pictures below roughly match what you can see on yourself right now, then you might want to give my report a try, even though I originally wrote the report specifically for genital warts.

Candida yeast thrive in warm, moist conditions. That’s why your penis (usually under the foreskin) is an ideal atmosphere for the fungus to grow. It’s harder for circumcised men to get a yeast infection, but not impossible. The main reason uncircumcised men get candida more often is because of issues dealing with keeping the area under the foreskin washed and CLEAN. If you’re prone to getting these types of yeast infections after sex, you’ll definitely want to start washing your penis right away after intercourse.

Clean your penis well with a mild, fragrance-free soap. Take special care to make sure that you DRY YOURSELF THOROUGHLY after bathing. It is a good idea to give your penis some ‘air-time’ also. Going commando for awhile after a shower can help. All of these simple steps can help prevent the outbreak of candida in men.

If you are diabetic, you run added risk for a male candida infection or male yeast infection. The urine of diabetic men is often high in sugar if the diabetes is not well controlled. Sugar excreted through the urine provides yeast with food and can promote candida in men with that condition.

Any kind of injury (even small tears or cuts in the skin from sex) can spread a yeast infection to men. If your partner has a problem with dryness when having sex, use some non-petroleum lube to make sure you won’t cause any damage to your penis that could spread a yeast infection. Although it may not seem serious to you, the friction from under-lubricated sex can provide a perfect opportunity for candida infection to take hold.

Male yeast infection can also be transferred from infected women who have dormant yeast. If you have a regular sex partner, it is always best for both of you to follow a yeast infection treatment at the same time (such as method #1 in my Genital Warts Report). That way, you won’t be passing your male yeast infection to her and she won’t spread her female yeast to you.

Here are some photos of male yeast infection so you can see what I’m talking about here. if you’re unsure what you might have, compare these photos to the genital warts pictures on my picture page:

male yeast infection
This is a photo of a male yeast infection at a VERY EARLY STAGE. You can see the parts I’ve circled are the abnormal red spots that shouldn’t be there. The red bumps in the bottom circle are clustered together, which is a formation that could be confused with genital warts.

male yeast infection
This is a photo of the underside of the same penis as above. I’ve circled the areas that are abnormal, indicating a developing early stage male yeast infection.

male yeast infection on the penis head
This picture is a good example of what a male yeast infection can develop into when it’s left untreated for too long. This is very painful and there is no reason to wait around at this point. Get it treated now.

male yeast infection
This is what can happen to the shaft area when male candida gets hold and is left untreated for long enough.

male yeast infection
This picture is a more advanced stage of male yeast infection from the first two – you can clearly see how the small rashy areas have developed into a large raw area that hurts and itches

The bottom line is this: if you feel a male yeast infection coming on, start a treatment immediately. I personally recommend method #1 in the report I wrote on genital warts, because it’s cheap, easy to do, and very effective against this condition.

Also, after you treat a yeast infection with method 1 enough times, it will eventually go away and not come back at all unless you have sex again with a woman who has a yeast issue. That’s more than I can say for a lot of the over-the-counter treatments out there.

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35 Responses to Male Yeast Infection or Genital Warts? (pictures and photos)

  1. Tracy elliott says:

    My fiance penis has swollen and he well not get it checked and I am afraid to have sex with him again and I can’t tell him that.

    • Greg says:

      Hi Tracy,

      There are several different types of things that can cause the penis to swell, so it’s not necessarily warts or an STD, etc. Being unclean for several days, as well as the topic of this article (male yeast infection) can cause it to swell. It could be any number of things, so I’m not sure what to tell you. He should keep the area clean and get it checked by a dermatologist if it keeps up for a number of days.

  2. isnt there some tablets for for yeast infection?

    • Greg says:

      Yes, there are some tablets that are supposed to prevent yeast infection, but from my talks with people (mostly women) who have actually used these, they don’t work very well, if at all. Eliminating sugar from the diet helps too, but won’t completely prevent it. The best yeast infection treatments I’m aware of are all topical, applied directly to the infected area to kill/reduce the yeast.

  3. James says:

    I am currently a senior in high school who never had sex. I occasionally masturbate. I realized I have this little wart looking thing on my foreskin. It doesn’t pop out but its in the skin? It doesn’t hurt. I had it for as long I can remember. It might be because I pulled back my foreskin late, about when I was about 9th or 10th grade. I was just wondering if this is serious or not. There is nothing on the tip.

    • Greg says:

      In a lot of these cases where a guy has never had sex but is around high school to college age, the new bump(s) usually turn out to be something such as fordyce spots. So what I would do is go do some searches on Google Images for a lot of varied photos of what fordyce spots look like and compare that to what you have. Chances are very likely that’s what it is. If it’s fordyce, then it’s just naturally forming and nothing to be concerned about.

  4. lakshmanan says:

    i have male thrush for past 5 years. i ashamed to tell this infection to doctor. but now only i knows tat is fungal diseases. how can i control this infection. prescribe some medicine for this.

    • Greg says:

      I am not a doctor and therefore do not “prescribe” anything, however I have experienced a mild form of this before and discovered by accident (just by experimentation) that method 1 in my warts report does have a positive effect on eliminating male yeast infection. For some of the very bad cases, it may not be enough alone, but it can certainly help. You could give that a try and let me know your results, as I would be very interested.

      Thank you.

  5. Akin says:

    Hello Greg! I have been having a lot of symptoms for the past 8 years now! I am always very weak and tired! Have a lot of pains in all my joints! Have swollen lymp node on my neck! Always treating thypoid and malaria! I am also having a wormlike movement all over my body! Just like a vibration! I I discovered that anytime I have sex with a lady, she always complain of abdominal pains either during sex or immediately after sex! Then later on she will begin to develop just the same symptoms like mine! I ve gone for Hiv test more than 10 times and all result is negative! I went for an std test and it was confirmed dat I had candida infection! They gave me some antibiotics which I took! But it all worsen the whole situation! Please I need some help from you

    • Greg says:

      Hi Akin,

      This sounds like a lot more complicated situation than the norm, so if you’d like to talk about it in greater detail, please e-mail me directly. I’ll go ahead and e-mail you right now and then write me back at your convenience.

      • Sheila Weber says:

        I have a friend that is having the same exact symptoms..i told him I’d research for a similar case…please explain what is wrong??

        • Greg says:

          Hi Sheila,

          Unfortunately this person never emailed me to explain further. Most of those symptoms are beyond the scope of what is normal for genital warts and male yeast infection, so I can’t be of much help with regards to bad cases of candida. However, there do appear to be quite a few diets and supplements out there that can help someone get over candida. I’d say go look up what those are exactly and experiment with them. My main expertise is only in treating genital warts and molluscum contagiosum.

    • Ptimmy says:

      Hello Akin,

      Did you find a solution to this type of issue?


  6. sammy singh says:

    hiii… since i retracted my foreskin i can see that there is a white layer film like on the penis glans.. it is not smegma for sure coz i have washed enough for 2 years now..the above picture similarize my condition although no red dots or bumps..there are some red area in my glans mixed with white what might be my condition? and also there is unpleasnt odour at times

    • Greg says:

      Hi Sammy,

      Usually when guys get a white film like that it’s just a cleanliness issue and will resolve itself after a shower or two, but since you’ve said you washed a lot during the last 2 years, this is something a bit more serious. If you go to my contact page and email me from there, I might be able to help, but this does not sound wart related to me.

  7. aryan says:

    hi i am 21 male..i was able to retract my foreskin two years ago..since that day i saw my glans colour as whitish and some red in between..i thought it was smegma and tried to wash it off and never really anything went doesnot hurt either but there are itchiness often at my foreskin when goes off after itchiness on glans..there is also always a unpleasant sir what might be my condition? in some website a person told me that it might be leukoplakia..i dont think so because it has some red rashes and unpleasant odour..

    • Greg says:

      You sound very similar to the other post from Sammy. Now that you mention leukoplakia I did a search for that and learned more of what you’re referring to. Yes that would be a lot more serious case if it were that and I personally do not have experience with it and it’s not related to warts, so I’m not really sure how I can help with that. My main expertise at this point in time is with genital warts and molluscum contagiosum.

  8. j.a says:

    hi im 28male and i think i got yeast infection, its painfil to retrackt my foreskin and got like a smal blister like thingy on my skin under my penis. and then theres like brownish color liquid coming out. to shy to see docter isnt there something i can do ?

    • Greg says:

      Hi JA,

      It’s unclear what you might have so I am not sure whether my report can help you or not. For example, if that blister is a herpes blister, then my report will not work for you at all. The main things I know how to treat are warts, molluscum, and occasionally yeast infection if it’s not too crazy bad. So yes if it were a male yeast infection, then I could help. What I would recommend is to email me personally from my contact page on the site and we’ll go from there. See a previous post on here recently where I gave the direct contact link to another person

  9. venky says:

    I am 28yr I am unprotect sex 2yr ago
    started itching, burning, irtation. I am testing for std but nagative but symtoms not go .
    I take lots of antibiotics but not use pleas help me any sugesion

    • Greg says:

      Typical STD tests that take a blood sample will NOT detect things like HPV/genital warts, male yeast infection, or molluscum. That’s because those things are not in the blood; they are only in the skin.

      It’s impossible for me to tell you what you may have based on a simple description like that, but one thing you could do is start testing my methods to see if any of them produce a change in how it looks. Then once you hit upon the right method, all you have to do is keep up the treatment regimen until it goes away, the time of which can vary a lot from person to person. But getting the changes in how they look is the first vital step.

      This site you’re on now is my older site about warts – my newer one which is a lot better and offers a 50 minute instructional video in addition to my report is at:

  10. simion says:

    my genital foreskin had a rash which the doctor said was a genital wart. He tried to treat it with different medication but its not healing.He has now suggested that I go for operation but am afraid. what should I do?

    • Greg says:

      Hi Simion,

      In most cases, a person does not need an operation for this sort of thing. They may just be looking for an excuse to write up a big bill to someone, either you or an insurance company. My methods are MUCH cheaper than that and if they work in your case, then you’ve just saved yourself a lot of hassle. You can always resort to more serious/expensive types of treatments later if you need to, but most people don’t need that sort of thing to get rid of this effectively. If you use the contact page on my main site (below) I’ll be happy to answer your questions in more detail privately:

  11. Lume says:

    Hello mate I’ve got almost the same as the picture one for the yeast infection how can I get rid off this

    • Greg says:

      Hi Luke,

      The main 2 methods in my report can SOMETIMES help eliminate that kind of infection, depending on how severe it is. If it’s too bad, then you might need a different treatment which I can help you with if you get my report and try the main method first and see how that affects it. That’s where I would start as a first step to experiment with effects. Sometimes treating these various kind of bumps is a process of experimentation and elimination and I guide people through that process with my reports and email support. Also look up molluscum contagiosum to make sure it’s nothing like that. I have a separate report on molluscum, which requires a totally different treatment.

      Thank you,

  12. cristian says:

    Hi Im having symptoms of some infection in my penis head. First I had it before 6 years and til now may I had it 6 times. Only first two times I had itching.. I have visited doctor many times and took blood and urine tests for almost 6 times. But all are negative. The last test I took is before two weeks. Now I’m married for 2 years. I avoid having sex if have red spots. Luckily till now my wife didn’t get infection. I’m confused abt wat infection is dis.. Need ur advice. I’m trying for a baby too. I’m afraid it Wil affect my baby

    • Greg says:

      Hi Cristian,

      Blood and urine tests will not detect HPV warts; only a skin tissue sample sent off to a lab will do that and since that is time consuming and expensive, most doctors will not do it and will instead just look at the area and give their opinion. Sometimes their opinion is good and based on real experience and other times it is just a guess and is almost worthless. Just depends on the doctor and his or her real life experience in dealing with genital warts. Anyway, it is possible what you have is either male yeast infection or even molluscum contagiosum. It can be very hard to tell the difference between all of these. Please email me privately and if you want you can send a picture and I might be able to give you my personal opinion as to what it looks like.

      This site you posted on is my older genital warts site. Please message me from my newer site here:

  13. Canadian guy anon says:

    I just want to thank you so much for posting this! No where else online have I seen such a clear explanation and images of a male yeast infection! What a huge relief. Thank you!!

  14. Ryder says:

    Hi, i have similar red spots on shaft of my penis and one red spot on the tip. I never had and unprotected sex or oral on me. But i frequently masturbate. I noticed them 2 days ago after the day i masturbated. I have no itching or any sort of pain. I so worried about them

    • Greg says:

      Hi Ryder,

      I’m not sure. If you’ve never had unprotected sex or oral and there is no itching or pain, it could just be something kinda random and harmless that will go away on its own soon. But I don’t know what to tell you about what it could be.

      • Ryder says:

        Hi, i remember a girl gave me oral for just few seconds. I didn’t allow her to do it after. I’m not sure wether she is infected or not. I even kissed her but my mouth is allright, and the red spots on my penis shaft doesn’t itch or pain but the tip of the penis started itching sometimes in plce where there is no lump

  15. Ryder says:

    Can a yeast infection lump cause pain when touched ?

    • Greg says:

      It is possible, yes. Just depends on how bad it is and how sensitive the skin is in that area. If you have any other questions, please just contact me directly and not use the comments section here on the site. I’m trying to keep this open to new questions and not have long strings of the same conversation which would confuse new people reading the site trying to find answers. Thank you.

  16. lovey says:

    hi. I have red swollen rashes on my penis and a little thick boil on my penis. I have also noticed a little lump in the sac of my testis just above the balls.. please, what do you think it is? I am seriously worried.

    • Greg says:

      There’s no way for anyone to tell what it is by just reading a description like that. There are a lot of different conditions that can look like that. You either need to go get checked out by a dermatologist or you can contact me directly from my main site and email me more info and I can give you my personal opinion based on that.

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